All businesses will enter into a variety of commercial contracts from time to time. Many may simply be regarded as business as usual (BAU), whilst others may be for a bespoke arrangement – whether that be a new sourcing requirement, a partnering opportunity or a new service.

Whatever the contract type or circumstance we will advise you on how to ensure that the contract meets your commercial requirements and is in line with market practice.

Our team will ensure that you understand the key challenges that your business faces (i.e. the ones that matter) and carefully advise you on the best ways to mitigate, manage and if possible remove these risks.

We advise on a range of commercial matters, including: sourcing arrangements, service agreements, terms of business; collaboration and joint ventures; sponsorship; marketing; agency and distribution and franchising. We are not just an external resource. We often work as part of our client’s team to deliver successful contracts and projects.  Our BAU contract review and negotiation service is particularly appreciated by clients who are regularly required to deal with a variety of contracts, as it provides a focused, cost-effective and flexible offering.